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SAY YES! In a market abundant in Short Sales and REO's; it's imperative to find a real estate professional that not only knows the day-to-day status of the market but is sensitive to the particular client's needs. This is not about "closing the sale", it's about cultivating friendships--we don't want to be your Realtor for a transaction, we want to be your Realtor for Life. Look for our hidden Gnome when you look at our listings, you could win a prize!

Feel free to contact Maureen Martin regarding their mortgage lending solutions.

The Gnome Mission: I believe Home is a treasure...filled with memories as unique as the people residing within it. The Gnome represents how important this treasure is and that every home has a story. It is a reminder that each client has their own personal memories and a history uniquely their own. It is a reminder that every client is a friend, not a statistic... Read more...

If you are looking to purchase or sell a home/investment property, or would like to receive an update on current market conditions, please don't hesitate to contact me. It would be my pleasure to assist you! Call (949) 689-2018.


Go GreenIn an effort to preserve our natural resources, we are making the most of going paperless by offering as many alternatives to communicate as possible. Stay connected with Google's Talk/Chat, or Skype, and follow me on Facebook for the lastest in marketing trends & other opportunities plus you can keep up-to-date on your real estate transactions using TrackMy.com and GoToMeeting.com.

Oct: 14th ~ Fundraiser ~ Finding Freedom
We are having a silent auction and fundraiser Oct 14th in Laguna. All the proceeds go to a great cause! Follow them on Facebook.

The Liz Bates Groups, Foreclosure Prevention Specialists.

NEED HELP? Our workshops let you talk with legal experts, accountants, real estate professionals, loan modification specialists, and credit counselors.
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